All you need to know about the new ECODRY plus in one minute

Dry multistage roots pump

Features at a glance


The new ECODRY plus impresses with their size - making it easy to integrate in your process. The low weight of less than 30 kg makes the new ECODRY plus a flexible and mobile vacuum pump for many working environments.


Mutlistage roots pump ECODRY plus
Mutlistage roots pump ECODRY plus


With high speed from high pressures down to ultimate vacuum your vacuum system pump-down times are significantly shortened. The low ultimate pressure of just 0.01 mbar makes the new ECODRY plus perfectly suited for UHV systems.




The new ECODRY plus with the integrated control dashboard enables intuitive operation. Connect vacuum gauges and valves directly to the pump to enable easy pressure and valve control for improved energy efficiency and process safety.

Control panel ECODRY plus
Environmentally friendy multistage dry pump


With low noise of less than 52 dB(A), a clean oil-free pumping mechanism and low power consumption, the new ECODRY plus creates a pleasant working environment and a small carbon footprint.

Applications and Solutions

Best pumping performance for your application!

The new ECODRY plus variants are suited for a broad range of applications. Be it particularly demanding R&D processes or harsh industrial operations, the new dry multistage roots ECODRY plus are adapted to your needs.

Using the oil-free multi-stage roots technology, the pumps are maintenance-free for five years. 

Research and Development

Research & Development

  • Easy operation with the integrated control dashboard
  • Quiet operation – no distraction by pump noise
  • High cleanliness – oil and dust-free
  • Smart lab: Automatic ecomode for even lower noise
  • Five years service interval for peace of mind
  • High pumpdown speed to pump down even large chambers
  • Low ultimate pressure for UHV systems

Analytical Instruments

  • High speeds as needed for mass spectrometers and electron microscopes
  • Low vibration and noise level – no distraction for microscopy
  • All required interfaces for easy system integration and remote control
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Universal voltage supply for worldwide consistent operation
Analytical applications
Industrial applications

Industrial Applications

  • Compact alternative for oil-sealed rotary vanes pumps – Wet to dry
  • High speeds and good ultimate pressure for universal operations
  • Ready for Industry 4.0 with industry standard connection
  • Integrated gas ballast and purge adapter for harsher applications
  • Permanent operation at any pressure
  • Fast pumpdown for small loadlock applications

Technical Data

    ECODRY 25 plus ECODRY 35 plus
Peak pumping speed  m3/h 25 35
Ultimate pressure mbar / Torr 0.01 / 0.0075
Noise level dB (A) < 52
Weight kg 28


V 100-127 V, 200-240 V (switchable)


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    ECODRY 25/35 plus

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    ECODRY 25/35 plus

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